Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Current WIP: Slippers!

Well, this is just the toe cap of the first slipper, so... it's not really far along.

Soft slippers are just sooo comfortable around the house, love them! I used to wear a pair some "friend's friend" of my mother's had knit for me but they had become just too tattered to wear. So now I'm making me own! It's my first try at crochet footwear and no matter how much I like it, I solemnly swear I'll never start making sock! Maybe when I have grandkids...

Anyway this a free pattern by Calypso Gray, so give it a try!

BTW, have you noticed? The colors in the picture are the actual color I can see with me eyes! We caved and bought a new camera and it's sooooooo awesome!

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  1. I've only made slippers once, but I was surprised they did both come out the same size. I should make more as we can all use a pair to just lounge around the house in.

  2. Ohh that colour is lovely. I guess they would be comfortable. DIdn't know you could crochet socks? Knitted socks seem to be making a huggge comeback.