Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012!

It's Father's Day! In the United States at least...

However, I'm German and me husband, my beautiful daughter and I live in Germany. Here, Father's Day has been attached to ascension day and was a couple of weeks after Mother's Day. (Yes, that's actually on the same day here!)
Also, Father's Day is celebrated... differently here: men usually take bike trips in large groups, none of them fathers, of course, with a couple of crates of beer in tow and get wasted. I know, it sounds really stupid and doesn't honor fatherhood in the least. But that's what I was used to.

I didn't realize that in the States Father's Day is the true equivalent to Mother's Day until last year. It was our second year as parents (no, I don't remember how the first time went...) and I got all cranky, because I didn't get anything for Mother's Day. My husband asked: "Oh, and do you have any plans for Father's Day?" I was confused. In my experience that was just an excuse to get drunk. 

So, after I got an awesome card, breakfast and cute little gift for Mother's Day this time around, I had to make it up to my husband! And I made sure we had a great Father's Day together! The first of many to come!

I'm not the cook in this family, so no cool breakfast for him, hah! Oh well, he got his card and cute, very personal gift after our regular breakfast:

The printable for the card can be found all over the internet, I found it on the Holiday Snob blog and had Zoë color on it. Yeah, I guess she wasn't really in the mood. :-)
I glued it to a piece of scrapbook paper to improvise a card and Zoë and discussed what we were going to write to Daddy. Finally I had her trace her name and she did an awesome job!

And this was our gift:

Very cute, but also not my original idea. I stole it from Shannon... and since I only have one child I had to get myself in the picture...
Zoë and I had so much fun doing that! And she was great. The perfect model. Lay still on the bed for almost half an hour!

And then we went out for some fun on the playground:

I know, it's still pretty cold for June. Yikes, I'm sooooo ready for summer to finally make it to Hamburg!

Finally, I also made these awesome Cookies and Cream Cupcakes for dessert! Super yummy! Too sweet for most German taste buds, I might add...

My frosting wasn't quite as fluffy as I wanted it, but the cream cheese kind never turns out the way I want it. Anyway, they're still veeeeery tasty.

So, this was our first successful Father's Day and we all enjoyed it a great deal. There will repeat performances over the years to come!

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  1. Sowas. Das wusste ich auch nicht. Hatte mich schon gewundert warum soviele Ideen für den Vatertag auf Pinterest etc. rumschwirren. Und tatsächlich, mur kommt einiges bekannt vor ;-) Aber es sieht aus als hättet ihr einen tollen Familientag gehabt und ich bin gespannt, was für Ideen nächstes Jahr umgesetzt werden...