Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday AGAIN!?
Time flies, I seem to have very little time to crochet and even less time to blog...

Also, I'm spending some time at my parent's place and I'm not sure I have my camera with me. I have lots of yarn, though and more time than at home. On the other hand, my daughter's with me and I'm currently alone with her. Same old, same old... let's check on the camera...

Got it!

This is my newest project: A Shawl, my Mom's birthday present!

I want to keep you in suspense as to what it's going to look like when it's finished... (Actually, I was going to provide a pattern link, but I've had trouble accessing Ravelry for a while, soooooo... screw that.

I also made a little progress on the doggy, but it's too little to show off.

But I also made a cute little munchkin hat for the same baby that's going to receive the dog and I'm in love with it!

And I had to make a quick last minute gift for a second birthday:

When I opened my camera to get the card out, a tiny little thing fell into my hand. Turns out it's the thingy that holds the battery in... I guess I'll be spending the better part of today trying to get it back in... this camera is starting to go... need to save up for a new one!