Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday: Doggy

After finishing TWO lambs for Easter (check out my  projects page on Ravelry, if you're curious), I'm working on a cute doggy for a friend's new baby. As usual, I don't know the sex yet or even when it'll be born. (He's my husband's friend and I asked him to find out, but... I mean, guys...) So I'm doing it now, just in case.

I fell in love with this pattern just after I learned how to crochet. I purchased it but didn't really know if I could handle something like this. Well, I'm still not sure it'll be as cute as I imagine it to be, but at least I know I crochet well enough. 

So this is how far I've come as of today:

That's the head with the nose already attached, the eye patch thingy, the ears and about two thirds of the body. On the left ear you can see how much the yarn splits but I'm getting used to it... it's a sport weight yarn and the pattern calls for a 1.5mm hook. Not too good for my eyes (the black nose was terrible to work on!) and even my fingers start to cramp up after a while.

I also find it strange to work in rounds AND turn my work. I guess that's to keep the seam straight in the back, but it's also a more noticeable seam... oh well...

I think I gotta start working on something else in between, this is just too hard to do while watching TV!

And now head on over to see what everyone else is working on:

Join us!


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  2. Love it! i bet the dog is going to be just so cute.

  3. Oh, he's going to be really cute! That's an adorable pattern!

  4. The face looks very Snoopy-like so far! Very cute. Can't wait to see him finished.

  5. I think he looks a bit like Snoopy, too. And I agree with you about doing rounds and turning your work. All the amigurumi I've done (and it's a lot!) has never once mentioned anything about turning. I suppose it'd be a little easier than the traditional way because Lord knows how many times I've forgotten to move up my stitch marker and have had to rip out my work to the first or second round!

  6. It's fun to make the stuffed animals. The grandkids really seem to enjoy the ones I've made for them, and take care of them.